How it works

Standard Course €99.

  • We use WhatsApp or Telegram to exchange videos with you.
  • A Course runs over 6 weeks.
  • There are up to 15 students in each Course.
  • The Tutor posts one lesson of 2 ~ 4 minutes on a Sunday or Thursday.
  • Three days later the students post 1~2 minutes video of how they are doing.
  • In the following days the teacher reacts to each student.

Individual Course €99.

  • We use WhatsApp or Telegram to share videos with you.
  • A course runs for 12 days.
  • You post a clip of your skill on one day and the tutors replies with a post the next day and so on.
  • Individual lessons run every second half of the month for two weeks with 6 clips from you and 6 replies from the tutor.

Once you are registered you will get a WhatsApp or Telegram message from the Academy.

If you have a little or some  experience please reply to this with a 30-second video clip showing your current skill level. This helps the teacher put you in the right group. The next step is that you will see a lesson from the teacher on the first day of the course.

If you are a complete beginner (and you are very welcome to be one!) You don’t need to send a video, just tell the Tutor you have no experience as yet. Don’t worry, you are welcome! We teach from absolute beginner to professional: we are all learning all the time 🙂