Marco Paoletti


Marco Paoletti

Marco Paoletti

Courses: Balls - Presentation and Technique
Languages: English




  • Assistant Director and Artist, Para-Olympic Ceremony, Sochi 2013
  • Recircle, Theater Circus, Argentina 2011-2013
  • Collage, Theater Circus, Chile 2010
  • Interface, Theater Circus, Germany 2010
  • Pilot, Theater Circus, Germany 2009
  • Nosotros, Theater Circus, Argentina 2009
  • 12 Pieces Of Stuff, Theater Circus, 2008-2010
  • (Germany, Argentina, Finland, Brazil, Holland, Belgium, USA, France)
  • Marco in Galway, Juggling DVD, Ireland 2008
  •  Jonglierkatakomben, Show & Workshops, Germany 2007-2009
  •  Passe Passe, Tutorial DVD, France 2007
  • Director of Latin American Convention of rueda cyr, argentina 2015-2020
  • Director and writer of the play “RESPETO”. Leon de Guanajuato, Mexico. 2019
  • Co-founder and artistic director of RUNA asociación civil. 2019
  • co-founder and director of the open circle and ambassador program of the Viktor Kee Foundation 2015 – 2020

Course information

Course 1

Learn how to juggle to learn how to teach it

All levels welcome. We will go through a process of understanding juggling and the process of consciousness that goes with it. Developing a pedagogic way on how to teach juggling to anyone that wants to learn how to do it. Sharing a research that I developed called “Corpography” which involves a relation between language and juggling.

Course 2

Learn how to juggle 5 ball cascade for 1 minute

This course will make you learn how to train to achieve the goal of juggling a solid 5 ball cascade for 1 minute and be able to understand your mistakes. In my opinión the difference between “someone who juggles” to a “juggler” is if they are able to do this pattern for at least this amount of time. Still everyone who loves juggling is a juggler 😉

Course 3

How and why to create juggling sequences

This course will make you understand why and what type of juggling you like. Any object is welcome. We will work the concepts of trick, transitions, combination and sequence to start the process of developing a personal style of juggling.

Course 4

Technique for creativity

This course will make you able to create what ever you want to comunícate on stage with your juggling. Research will be de focus to enter a ride threw creative processes where the aim will be to follow creative personal processes threw juggling and understand the technique that is behind creativity.

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