Welcome to the Juggling Academy

The Juggling Academy is the soul-mate to Just Juggling.
As circus skills require both materials and knowledge, we now offer both.

In co-operation with some of the world‘s best jugglers and circus teachers, we have created an on-line
format in which you can learn at your own rate, from your own location and without any fixed timetable.

New!!!! The juggling academy is working hard on creating its first real life location!! The site is yet to be secured but it will be in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
More details coming soon.

When does it begin?

The next block starts January 3rd 2021.

You can Book a Course now!
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You can also buy a Gift Voucher for a friend (or yourself) and choose a course later!
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How does it work?

Courses run 6 weeks and cost 99 €. The teacher posts one lesson between 2 and 4 minutes on a Sunday or Thursday in a WhatsApp or Telegram group of up to 15 people. Three days later the students post 1-2 minutes how they are doing and in the following days the teacher reacts to each.
Individual lessons also cost €99 and run every second half of the month for two weeks with 6 clips from you and 6 replies from the tutor.
Find more details here.

A little taste of the Academy